Friday, March 14, 2014

Know better, Do better!

Good news (I hope ;)!  I've been vegan for 10 days and I'm still very much alive :)

Here is a little update on what I've been eating!  No, I don't take a pic of every meal ;):

Protein cookie dough fail turns into pancakes!

  I attempted this garbonzo bean/flaxseed/nut butter puree that was supposed to taste like cookie dough (how shocked are you that it kinda didn't???).  When it didn't taste like legit batter, I shifted my plan.  Added a bit of maple syrup and some oat flour and pan seared them in some coconut oil.  Perfect pancakes!! They were dense, which made them filling.  They were pretty protein dense and full of fiber.  #FailBetter  Good save!

 This next one is pretty simple.  Baked potato with sautéed power greens topped with hemp seeds.  That orange stuff in the middle is a cauliflower marinara that I made.  It has a good amount of nutritional yeast in it for extra B vitamins and protein.

Check out this fun little gem!  That lovely log you see on my plate was a gift from a friend/client.  Sue makes these vegan "sausages" using mostly spices, nutritional yeast and vital wheat gluten.  It was actually quite delicious and "sausagy".  Added bonus: 1 link=21 grams of protein.  Served with a potato and steamed broccoli.  This was a cozy meal :)

 Up next!  Spaghetti squash topped with sautéed spinach and my cauliflower marinara (recipe to follow…eventually).  This was delicious, but left me hungry.  Solution: Hidden stash of vegan cookies in the back of the freezer.  Another glorious contribution from a friend, I have a few cookies from my FAVORITE Pattycake's Vegan Bakery.  I break off about half of one when I'm having a cookie emergency.  I'd like to pretend I wait a few minutes for it to thaw, but no…I eat it frozen…shameless :)

 Veganing Out

Eating out can be done!  I'm still discovering good options around town.  I don't eat out all that often, but I have a few times this past week.  All experiences were a success!  

I'm a regular at Raisin Rack in Westerville year round.  I probably eat lunch here twice a week.  They have plenty of vegan options.  They have plenty of omnivore options as well, so don't write it off if you aren't on board with veganism.  Pictured below:  Hummus wrap with veggies.  That side dish is a cabbage salad with edamame.  We'll talk about that in another post :)

Northstar Cafe!  One of the best casual restaurants in town.  If you haven't been, get there ASAP!  I cannot say enough good things about this place.  Picture below is the Buddha Bowl with tofu.  You can also get it with chicken, should you prefer that.  The sauce is a peanut sauce.  They also have a Karma Bowl which has a tomato based sauce.  Both are excellent!

I totally slacked on posting all of the macros this time, but I will get them added soon.  Stay tuned!  My "I hope no one is watching" workout is coming up next!  I completed it around 11am today and I'm already feeling it!

As I practice my vegan plan, I get a little better each day.  Which leads me to my parting inspirational quote:

Thanks for reading!  If you have comments/questions/advice don't be shy about it.  I LOVE hearing from you :)

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