Saturday, September 27, 2014

Step away from the pantry...

Guilty!  We all are.  We eat for plenty of reasons.  That whole "eat to live, don't live to eat" mantra is a nice thought, but food is used and abused by us all.  When you find yourself eating out of boredom, or to manage stress, or to satisfy a craving (that isn't true hunger): pull out a 'go to' list of 10 things you can do that aren't eating.  If you are having a hard time compiling your list, here are some examples that might work for you:

1) Go for a walk
2) Floss
4) Call a friend (or your trainer)
5) Stop procrastinating (I'm sure there is something you've been putting off)
7) Make a list
          a. Do something on the list
          b. Do something else on the list
8) Trim, shape & polish (if applicable) you nails
          a. Go get your nails done
          b. Take me to get my nails done :)
I love this look for fall:

9) Clean out your closet
          a. Closet clean? Clean out a drawer.
          b. Drawers clean?  Clean out make-up bag//toiletry bag.
          c. Everything spotless at your house?  Offer to help a friend :)

10) Play an instrument? Practice.
         a. Don't play an instrument?  Learn how to play one.
         b. Not interested in that? Listen to some music.
         c. Make a new playlist for the car or your next workout.
11) Plan your dream vacation (even if you aren't planning on going on it for years!  Studies show that    just planning it can make you happy)

Maybe book a room here:

There you go.  I even gave you a bonus idea.  

Your turn!  Share your ideas!  What would you put on the list?

Friday, September 12, 2014

How do you eat an elephant?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  

I had a mentor that would use that quote anytime we were discussing big projects that needed tackled.  It's great advice anytime you feel overwhelmed with a goal that you are having a hard time taking that first step on.   I was actually reminded of it because I accidentally created a new recipe that tastes exactly like that fair favorite, the Elephant Ear.  Of course, this is a very healthy version.  Still satisfying, nonetheless :)  Here is what you need:

1) Sprouted Grain Wraps (mine were found in the freezer section at Kroger)
2) Ground Cinnamon (I got mine at Costco because I use a ton of it.  You can get it anywhere)
3) Coconut Oil (Mine is from Trader Joe's.  It's organic, extra virgin and unrefined)
4) Honey (Also from Trader Joe's.  I like the raw, organic one.  Use what you have/like)

The directions are so simple.  Take a skillet and put it over medium/high heat.  Drop a tablespoon of coconut oil in the pan and let it melt.  Take one sprouted grain wrap and put it in the pan for about 3 min eat side.  It should get slighted toasted/crisp, but still a little chewy.  Remove from pan and place on  a plate.  While it is still warm, spread about 1 tsp of honey over the tortilla.  Douse in plenty of cinnamon and enjoy while it's warm.

It is SO delicious!! And taste exactly-ish like an Elephant Ear (if you haven't had an elephant ear in a long time).  

Why is this version sneakily good for you?  Each ingredient is a tiny power house.  

The sprouted grains (in the tortilla), because they have gone through the sprouting process, they are more easily digested by the body.  This allows better absorption of the minerals and increased the amount of B and C vitamins.  Check out this article from Food For Life for more information.
Coconut oil is known to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.  It boosts the immune system and brain function.  It's fully of healthy saturated fats which can help lower bad cholesterol.  It's also been studied to help improve a number of other diseases and ailments.  Research has shown that it increases metabolic function and energy levels.  Check out this article for more details.

Cinnamon is loaded with anti-oxidants.  It shares many of the same benefits of coconut oil.  Helping regulate blood sugar, increase metabolic functions and lower LDL cholesterol are just a few of the benefits.  It is also anti-fungal, increases mental alertness and has been shown to improve joint health.  Click here for more information about the benefits of cinnamon.

Honey has been used as homeopathic medicine for centuries.  While most laboratory tests can only confirm it's anti-bacterial benefits, many will attest to it have other powerful abilities.  These include blood sugar regulation, allergy relief, cough suppressing properties, etc.  Honey is also used by many athletes to enhance performance.  Just know a little goes a long way.  Click here for additional uses.

Timing is everything!

The absolute best time to eat that insanely good tortilla of wonder is about 30 minutes before your workout.  You will be fueled and ready to go!  If you need inspiration for your next workout, try a barre workout.  Barre has been working it's way up the ranks as one of my favorite ways to sculpt and tone.   In the style that I teach, I've merged what I love about weight training with my favorite elements of ballet to create a beast beauty of a workout!  Below you can see a few images that can clue you in on what happens in a barre workout.  Of course, seeing it doesn't really do it justice.  Doing it is the only way to understand what it really feels like!  Can I get an amen from my barre goers??

Stay tuned!

Exciting things are happening and I can't wait to share more with you!

Your turn!  Tell me your favorite way to sweat!  

An afterthought I feel compelled to mention:

P.S. While we are talking about elephants

I've always had a soft spot (i.e.: I get blood boiling mad when I think about) elephants being poached for their tusks, their habitats being destroyed, etc.  I've been fired up many times when I think about the useless, senseless, inhumanity of how people can commit such deeds with no recourse.  If this angers you as well, click here for more information on what one organization is doing to help.