Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let's Get Physio

Have a Ball

Another year is coming to a close and while I believe that you don't need a monumental date or event in order to begin a new challenge or resolve to make changes, I do think this is the perfect time to reflect on what the previous year has had to offer and decide what to take away from it to make the next even better.  In the meantime, if improving your health and fitness level is on your list of goals, give this workout a try:

This one features another one of my favorite, affordable pieces of equipment...The Physioball!

Complete the exercises listed below:

After completing the curcuit, go through this 3 minute cardio series:

45 seconds of high knees-15 seconds of rest
45 seconds of skater lunges-15 seconds of rest
45 seconds of burpees-15 seconds of rest

Then go back to the original curcuit.  Complete all of that 3 times.  If you are unfamiliar with any of these exercises, just comment below and I will add an image with proper form.  Good luck!

Are you tired of crunches? 

 Here is a new spin on a classic exercise.  Check out the video below featuring some of our dedicated Infinity Fitness ladies doing "dizzy bugs".  These crunches are great for targeting the entire abdominal wall and the obliques:

Another Favorite

After blogging about my favorite pieces of exercise equipment, I thought of another favorite that should definitely be on the list.  Gliders are AH-MAZ-ING little devises that you can also use for killer body leveraging workouts.  The best thing about gliders...it's so easy to create a makeshift glider out of supplies that you already have around the house.  Gliders are little plates or pads that are often used for sliding furniture.  They look like frisbees.  You could actually use frisbees, paper plates, upside-down mouse pad, etc. if you don't have official 'gliders'.   I will provide you with a variety of things you can do with gliders on a future blog, but today I want to give you a little preview of my friend and client, Cynthia, performing an inchworm with her feet on the gliders:

To execute an inchworm, you start with your hands in a high pushup position and your feet on the gliders.  Keeping your legs as straight as possible, pull the gliders toward your hands.  Walk your hands back out to the high push up position and continue with that pattern.  

When we talk about reflecting on the past year, Cynthia (pictured above) has A LOT to be proud of in 2012.  She has been committed to training 3-4 times per week since January and all of her hard work has produced major results.  Her waist has shrunk by a whopping...wait for it...6 1/2 inches!!!! Those inchworms may feel like torture at first, but I bet she doesn't regret doing a single one!!  She has accomplished much more than a smaller waistline, but it sure is nice to be able to measure that kind of progress!  Congratulations Cynthia!!!  I can't wait to see what you achieve in 2013!