Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free Yoga Winner :)

Who won?

The winner of the For the Love of Yoga give-a-way will be announced at the bottom of this post!  We have 7 entries.  Two were kind of mixed among other posts, but I know what the intention was and I'm not going to disqualify anyone over a technicality, so-I know who you are and your comments have been accounted for!

Before and After

I went to the oral surgeon today for my follow up visit after my procedure and I got the clear to resume life as normal.  Yay!  Good thang too, bc I've been resuming away for about 4 days now ;).  I don't know about you all, but I LOVE a good before and after shot.  Whether it be for weight loss, a make over, a home remodel or ANY sort of transformation, the before and after split screen is one of life's greatest pleasure...so...at my own expense, I have a before and after to wrap up the week long saga of my wisdom teeth being removed:

Eeeeeew! The left is clearly, immediately post surgery (thank you mother for capturing that fine moment) and the right is today, seven days later.  Pain free and able to eat and lift whatever I want!  If you need an oral surgeon for any reason, I highly recommend Dr. Krause in Westerville.  The entire team is friendly and professional.  I was able to fill out paperwork online, in advance to save time.  They made the process quick and convenient.  Dr. Krause explained the procedure with specifics so that I had no cause for concern and his team gave me clear after care instructions, so I healed in half the time!  DONE with that!

Why Plyo?

Do you ever do plyometric exercises?  Plyometric exercises are fast, power moves.  Think: squat jumps.  They are great for improving speed, but that's not the only benefit.  Because they are compound moves that use your bodies largest muscle groups, your body will produce anabolic hormones while performing them.  This will force your body to store energy as muscle...not fat!  Good-bye cellulite!  I incorporate them into one of my leg days each week.  I do them at the beginning of my workout because they require a lot of energy.  Your body will need to recruit lots of muscle fibers to execute these types of moves, so you'll want to be fresh when you do plyometric exercises.  One great plyometric move is The Box Jump:

They are as simple as they sound.  Find a sturdy surface that won't collapse under your weight.  Make sure the height is manageable for you.  Soften your knees and jump onto the surface.  Repeat until your form starts to get sloppy.  

Time to Relax

It's past my bedtime, so I'm going to finish the cup of chamomile:

and hit the sack.  So let me leave you with what you've all been waiting for...For the Love of Yoga...the winner is...

Commenter number 4, Sandy!! You win the 1 month pass for February's For the Love of Yoga!  


Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope to have another give-a-way soon, so keep reading.  Clearly, I'm not above bribery :)  Have a great night.


  1. Thanks for explaining the craze with these box jumps. I see people doing these a lot lately. I'll give it a try!

    1. If you don't have a box, you can do squat jumps, lunge jumps, line hops,etc. If you want to do something less intense with similar benefits, you can jump on a rebounder (mini trampoline). Have fun!

  2. YAHOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so excited to see my name this morning!!!! Thanks lucky random number generator and Yolanda!! Sandy SKarl

    1. Congratulations and you're welcome! Time to get your yoga on!