Monday, December 23, 2013

C is for Crunches

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve to all of you that celebrate!  Instead of offering some sound advise on keeping your nutrition in check over the next few days (which of course, you should ;), I'm going to offer you a workout that will help burn off a few holiday cookies.  Try to get through 3-4 rounds of this for an approximate 300 calorie burn (of course this depends on many factors, so give or take a few) or the equivalent of about 3 of my favorite 6 ingredient almond butter cookies.

If you train with me you probably know what all of these are.  If you don't...you might have questions.  Especially on that last one :)

When you do crunches keep your abs "scooped out" by pulling in from your belly button and try to keep the shoulder blades up off of the floor the entire time.

I will share a video soon with clarification, so please let me know if you have questions and I will answer them in the post.

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