Sunday, July 7, 2013

Feeling Cantankerous?


Ever get in a mood you just can't shake?  To some, it may seem like I'm a ball of sunshine and rainbows all the time.  Get near the fainting couch because I've got news for you...Sometimes I'm grumpy.  It happens to the best of us.  You can't plan for it and you can't stop it from coming, but every now and then I just want to be mean.  There isn't usually a series of unfortunate events that lead to my mood meltdown, it's just an eternal thing that rears it's ugly head sometimes.  So...how do you make it go?  

First of all, sometimes it's OK to just resign to it and let yourself have a moment to be a grump.  But first,  try setting yourself up for some mini successes.  These are quick tasks that make you feel better.
For example:

1.) Clean out the car:  Usually 5-10 minutes of clearing out the trash and wiping down the dash and steering wheel of my car makes me feel a little more calm.

2.) Next, Take your clean car and treat yourself to something you won't feel guilty about.  I love iced tea, so picking up an iced green tea always puts a smile on my face!  Trenta-iced-green-tea-unsweetened-no-water :) That's how I like it!

Take this mood lifter to the next level by grabbing a few extra and delivering one to a friend or loved one.  Another sure fire way to improve your mood...do something nice for someone else.

3.) Take on a new challenge:  Setting a mini goal will allow you to direct your energy on the task, not your mood.  This should be a goal that can be attained somewhat quickly.  You are setting yourself up for a mini success to improve your mood, so think short term.  

Some ideas include things like:  Write 5 notes to 5 different friends just to say hi or that you are thinking about them, then drop them in the mail. 

Organize your "junk drawer" if you have one.  I don't have a drawer that I toss everything in, but I typically have a bag or basket that I load when I'm doing a quick clean-up.  Something I say I'll sort through later...you know how that ends.

Try a new recipe.  All of those mouth watering images on Pinterest actually have recipes attached to them.  Pick one you've been drooling over and actually try it.  Even better, make it and share it with your neighbor or co-workers.

Insert your own <here> and please tell me what it is!

4.) Read something funny.  You can follow comedians on Twitter or maybe you have a favorite blog that you find funny.  Sometimes I find things even more hilarious when I'm in a bad mood.  For instance, I was on Pinterest and stumbled upon this.  I don't think I'd even give it a second glance on a normal day, but today, it made me spit my matcha latte all over my Macbook.

5.) Get outside!  Find a favorite spot to relax, jog, walk enthusiastically, etc.  There are gorgeous, wooded trails and parks everywhere.  Getting close to nature can definitely change your perspective on things.  Anyone want to do some stairs with me?

6.)  If none of that works for you, just decide to be happy.

*disclaimer: If you feel like your bad mood is chronic and you are unable to shake the feeling, you may need to seek counseling...heck, we could all use a good therapist.

Here is one last stitch efforts to make you smile today....

I wrote myself love letters from Kirk Cameron when I was 9...to make my sister jealous...or mad (I don't think I fooled her).  I am happy to report I outgrew this phase and I stopped dotting my i's with little bubbles.

*You may have noticed that I didn't put "work-out" or "do Yoga" on this list.  While I find both of those activities to be sure fire ways to improve your mood, I felt they were too obvious, and that I should offer some other ideas.  But, of course...work-out, lift weights, do Yoga, box, run, swim, be active.  

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