Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Status Report

Faster Than the Speed of Time!

We have less than a week left in June!! I can't believe I'm closing in on this running challenge.  Yesterday was my first scheduled rest day.  I've been filling so many pockets of time with squeezing in mileage that I found myself feeling a little panicked the first half of the day, pacing.  By the evening I'd fully embraced the break and was able to utilize the time and energy wisely.

In case you missed it, let me briefly recap what I've been doing:  For the month of June I am running 1/2 mile for each day in the month (meaning I'm adding an additional 1/2 mile each day).  I have allowed myself 2 scheduled skip days of which I have one left.  I'm still exercising as I typically would and the running is in addition to what I'd normally be doing.

The most apparent lesson I've recognized repeatedly is that I was able to find time where I thought I had none.  Time I would normally consider "too short to be useful" I've turned into enough time to run a lap or I've used it to take care of something on my "to do" list so that I'd have more time to run later.  But most of all, I've been overwhelming reminded that time is our most precious commodity and I had been wasting it!

What is making this goal work?

1) Committing publicly.  This holds me accountable.  I've been answering to people daily about where I am with my laps.

Trust me, I felt like running at first, but there have been days where I've had to dig…really deep to get it done.

2) Making it measurable.  I put an actually distance to the challenge.  If I just said I was going to "do more cardio"- I'd lack structure and be more likely to take it too easy on myself.   It's much easier to manage a goal that you can measure.  Speaking of measuring things…how cool is this table runner??

3) Making it big :) Big enough to be exciting but not so big that it feels like a hopeless cause.  If it's not challenging, it's hardly worth the precious time.  I'm trying to set myself up to feel proud.  When you do this, don't be afraid to celebrate your accomplishment.  Chances are, no one will be throwing me a party at the end.  Don't be afraid to celebrate your own victories!  You deserve it :) Plus, you never know who you might be inspiring.


In case you were wondering how I'm feeling (thanks for asking ;)), I actually feel pretty great.  I've had days where my legs feel light and bouncy and days where they feel like lead.  Today they felt fantastic (especially after the rest day yesterday).  I have a feeling they will be sore tomorrow.  I've had days where my runs are the most enjoyable part of the day and days where I want to punch my own face for setting this goal.  I have had tendinitis in my ankle which flares up occasionally, but it's cooperated nicely with this challenge.  On a side note…my shoulder hurts…I'm assuming this was not caused from running.

Your turn!  Tell me about a challenge or goal you've been contemplating!

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  1. You're amazing and there was no doubt you would complete this challenge! Public declarations are a great motivator, aren't they! :)
    You rock!!