Friday, September 13, 2013

A Preview of Things to Come!

It feels like my birthday right now!  I am so excited because I just ordered some gifts for my yoga students!! I've had a pretty solid and consistent group of yogi's coming to my class since February, so I thought it was time to add a little prop action to the practice.  After much research and consideration, I opted for the Three Minute Egg!  We should have them by the end of the week!

The eggs I ordered will be for use in the studio, however, if any of you decide you'd like a set of eggs that you can take home with you and call your very own, please let me know and I will order you a set in any color that you choose :)


  1. I'm in! Could you order me a set in grey?

  2. You got it! I should have them by the end of the week!