Monday, June 3, 2013

I am!

It's Halftime!

We are already on the cusp of the halfway point of 2013.  You know i have a 'thang' for goal setting, so this seems like the perfect time to re-evaluate and freshen up the list.  I'm going to be working on my list though out the week.  I am happy to share it with you once it takes shape.  Reflecting on my goals set at the beginning of the year, I am on track with a few of them and a few I need to give a some extra attention to.  

Goals I set that I can check off of the list:

Wisdom teeth removed...check!  Yep, that was on the list.  I had put it off for years.  Writing it down made me feel more accountable and I scheduled it and got it done.  Not sure why I waited!  I feel like a million bucks now that they are gone.

(Y'all remember this fright?)

Expand Yoga practice...check!  This is the goal that gives back to me daily.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love teaching Yoga.  I'm so in awe of the group of people that I get to practice with twice per week.  My specific 1 year goal was to have at least 15 regular participants and I currently have 12 yogis that practice with me consistently.  I absolutely love that I've been able to witness their practice develop over the course of the past several months and I look forward to growing with them.  With a good 6 months to grow the practice, I think the goal can be reached and hopefully exceeded.  With more people in the practice I will be able to add more classes to the schedule, which will lead me to my next goal :).  I also set a goal to expand my practice and my own balance, flexibility and mental focus.  I have noticed a significant difference and I intend to continue to nurture my practice.


Compete in a figure competition...check...check!  I just finished my second competition!  It's been an amazing journey that isn't over yet.  I've learned a ton.  I've met some truly inspiring people along the way.  The experience and principles that apply to competing can be carried over into all other areas of life.

I also have personal goals set that are spiritual, family and finance related.  I won't share those on the blog, but know that goal setting is so important in every category.  I'm happy to be more specific if anyone wants to talk details.

If you are having issues sorting your goals on paper, one of my favorite goal setting worksheets is available on Lululemon's website.  Click here to see the goal setting worksheet.

I am!

When I downloaded the goal setting sheet for the first time I came across another idea that I loved!  Making declarations that support your goals.  Knowing what you want is the first step to achieving your goals.  Knowing you have everything it takes to achieve them is the next step.  Check out this blog post by Sarah Gray for Lululemon to see what they did to get their community involved in goal setting.  Now, what can you declare about yourself as a quick and constant reminder of what you are capable of?  Declarations, like goals, can change.  You can make as many declarations as you'd like.

Of course, I can't fit them all in one picture, but it definitely feels awesome to have so many amazing people in my life.

Your turn!  Tell me your declaration!


  1. : ) love this! you are a great inspiration!

  2. if this ...."With more people in the practice I will be able to add more classes to the schedule, which will lead me to my next goal :)."....means you are leaving training to focus on yoga full time I will cry LOTS. "I AM" loving training with you! "MY GOAL IS" to find someone to fund me to work out with you more. BAHAHA. you said no goal is a bad goal :)

  3. OH heavens no!! I am definitely not going to stop training! It's a true passion of mine. I do love Yoga as a part of a cross training program and as part of helping people live their best life, but my future goals certainly include continuing with personal training :):) and growing that as well. I LOVE your goal!! I think it's a fantastic plan!