Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Up and at 'em

Up and at 'em

I woke up this morning wanting an quick, intense conditioning type workout in before I headed out for a yoga class.  I polished off breakfast:

Then I felt properly fueled for this workout:

I used a 20 lb kettlebell for all of the exercises that require a weight.  This is a conditioning type of workout that puts an emphasis on the shoulders and core.  You could certainly use a much lighter kettlebell or a single dumbbell for a very effective workout.  

How Loose is Your Caboose?
I've got another article in this months issue of 11Athletics magazine.  You can click here to subscribe to 11athletics.  You can also grab a copy at numerous locations around Columbus.  I have a few copies at the gym, if you can't track one down, let me know!

Here is a little glimpse of my article (p. 46-47):

There is also some great info about Yoga and a phenomenal feature about staying 'Fit over 40'.


  1. congrats on the article!!!!!!!! and since you cut me out of the yoga photo i guess ill come back. that was a close call though :)

  2. Thank You!! You'd better come back :) I missed you last time! See you tomorrow??